Logging in

When you access your Internet browser and enter the URL for the JAMIS e-timecard web application, the Login screen appears, as shown below.


The Login screen is where you always begin your e-timecard/e-xpense session. The following table explains all of the items on this screen.

This item...

Is for this purpose...

  1. User ID


Enter these to identify yourself. Your user ID is the unique identifier that your administrator assigns to every person who enters time and expense. The system uses your ID to assess your permissions, determine the jobs and pay codes in your personal lists, etc.

You can change your password voluntarily after you log in.

  1. Company New!

The company identifies the database that you connect to; each JAMIS e-timecard user belongs to one company. If your employer has set up only one company for all users, then the system automatically fills in the company on the Login screen, and you can't change it.

  1. Go to New!

Lets you select where you want to go first when you click Login. Depending on your administrator's settings in your profile, all options may not be available.

  1. Remember me New!

If this check box appears, you can click it to have JAMIS e-timecard remember your login entries on this computer. Your administrator's settings determine whether it remembers your password along with your other login information.

  1. Full screen mode New!

Do one of the following for the Full screen mode check box.

  • Leave it at the default of checked on. In this mode, you can resize the browser window, but whenever you access the Login screen or click Login, the window returns to maximize size.

  • If you turn the check box off, you can resize the browser window and keep it that way. If you return to the Login screen or click Login, the window remains at the custom size that you chose.

  1. Login

Click to start using JAMIS e-timecard.

  1. Are you a first-time-user? New!
    Did you forget your pasword? New!

If you don't have a password because you either are a new user or forgot your password, click the appropriate link to get a password.

  1. Frequently Asked Questions New!

    e-timecard Help

Click Frequently Asked Questions to view the new FAQ page. If you have a question about using e-timecard or e-xpense, then the FAQ will probably have an answer!

Click e-timecard Help to view the User Help, which we have updated for e-timecard/e-xpense 6.